Held drawings are begun by tracing into the recesses of my hand. A phenomenological approach, which responds sensitively to the topography of my palm, the places where I have been held, or I have held. Almost more energy than substance, the lines form a cartography that thrums with presence, touch and connection. The held charge of palm to palm, skin to skin, parent holding child, lover clasping lover, the grasp of friendship, of comfort or condolence.

As I have worked on these it has struck me over and over again that this series, coming as it has in the middle of the global pandemic, is also very much about the loss of physical connection resulting from the social distancing and self isolating that has accompanied COVID-19. Every one of us has lost social physical contact. No one is greeted by a hug anymore. Very much less of being held for all of us. In this way the series expresses the necessity of human connection and both a personal and collective yearning for it.

All images copyright Wendy-Ann 2021

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