A Map of Anywhen, Anywhere, Ever (Beginning)

Wendy-Ann uses processes of drawing, stitching, performing and mapping, to explore ideas around connection and interconnection; body and embodiment; temporality, mind and experience. She combines traditional drawing media and embroidery techniques, as part of a contemporary, expanded drawing practice.

Wendy-Ann graduated with a 1st class BA in Fine Art from Kingston University in 2002, and then spent nearly two decades writing and publishing fiction and poetry. She also holds an MA with Distinction in Creative Writing. She maintained a private drawing practice alongside pioneering work as an arts educator in the field of creative mindfulness, and is the author of two books on mindfulness and drawing. At the beginning of 2021 she returned to studio practice to focus exclusively on drawing, and a little later than originally planned, is an emerging artist.

“I make no differentiation between stitch, mark, movement, map – they are simply drawing, and drawing is my primary practice. Although how I draw and what I draw with are continually evolving, my preoccupation with line, and the formal elements of drawing remains consistent. I am interested in taking traditional techniques and then deconstructing them or employing them experimentally. A historic quilting stitch, Kantha, becomes a drawing in line and shadow. Working with the formal elements of point and line, I make my body both the ground and material of the drawing. Drawing research, particularly in the form of performance drawing is a key part of my practice.

“Much of my current work is a phenomenological exploration of the sites and topographies of body and mind. Subjective mappings of human connection, memory, the psychological, temporal and environmental conditions that form us. Whilst a philosophical enquiry may often drive my practice, it is, nevertheless, entirely dependent on the experiential, and I favour processes that are generative, immersive and responsive; working in series, thinking and being through drawing. Drawing both asks and answers questions about my experience of being conscious, being human.”

Image copyright Wendy-Ann 2021

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